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A lot of people ask me, “Vince, why the name Seven-Nine Productions? Was that the year you were born?” Well, let me answer this for you. My wife and I are both Disney nuts. We love traveling to Walt Disney World at least once a year, sometime twice if we can make it. So when I was creating Seven-Nine I wanted to name it after something that would remind me, and only me, of my favorite place to vacation.

On one of our trips one year I was looking around for inspiration. We decided to ride the TTA People Mover (Tomorrow Land Transit Authority). It’s a slow-moving ride that takes you all over Tomorrow Land in the Magic Kingdom. A voice narrates what you’re seeing as you slowly pass by. We traveled inside Space Mountain which is one of WDW’s most famous roller coasters. While inside the dark tunnel we came across a sign that read ‘Star Port Seven Nine’ and I thought to myself “WOW! That’s a great name for my company; it’s so vague no one will ever guess!” So I returned home and went to work. I bought the domain name, built the website, printed¬†business cards and everything was going great! I was so excited to go back to WDW and snap a photo of the sign that inspired me so much.

Finally we headed back to WDW. We jumped on the TTA, and I had my camera in hand to snap the photo and post it to the world on Facebook so everyone would know that this is what started it all. We came around the corner into Space Mountain, I held up my camera and the worst realization in the world hit me like a ton of lead. You know how memory can change the color of a shirt? Well this is what happened to me. I remembered the sign completely wrong. It actually read ‘Star Port Seven Five’. As in the year the ride opened. In 1975. I didn’t know what to do. I had invested all this time and money into my company’s name, and it wasn’t even right! I decided in the end that it didn’t matter, because it makes for a great story! Now whenever I go back and see that sign I just have to laugh a little bit.

Vincent Mims

Vincent Mims

CEO/Founder/Creative Director

My wife Laura and I are both graduates of Sam Houston State University. I have a degree in Radio/Television Production, and she has a degree in Political Science. I have worked for StoneBridge Church as the Media Director since graduating college in 2006. My two passions in life are building lasting relationships with people and all things media. My wife and I would love to help you with your next project.

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